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1 Our journey into the world of Seminatural began in 1988 with the creation of the rst-ever Seminatural Tree. Since then, we have successfully combined our exclusive 100% Natural trunks with high quality man-made foliage in a pioneering research of the harmonious synthesis between the natural quintessence and architectural space. Today, this long-term commitment still delivers spectacular results as in the creation of the one and only Seminatural Vertical Garden in the world. We have gathered here some fragments of our experience: creations, concepts and inspirations which have marked ila’s successful research over the years. The deepest knowledge of Nature meets the Art of Design. A new concept of Nature, ideal for our Time. Thinking ila


3 For more than 30 years the core of ila’s projects has been to nd and highlight the “Words” of Nature: the delicate, elusive, equilibrium which is veiled behind the perfect appearance of Mother Nature’s creation and belies the secret of our own being. In a world where the suggestive language of Nature is more and more ignored by the human mind, ila creations awaken and kindle our senses towards a new, enhanced experience of Nature. DeSign Nature of

Seminatural Trees Natural Trunks Arti cial Greeneries Craftsmanship

5 When space wasn’t space yet, only Nature was. Only when man started to populate the Earth his eye began not only to see but to divide, choose, categorize. Thus, a fracture took place between what was the inside space for human living and the outside space of wilderness. Natural landscapes like the jungle, deserts and savanas became hostile concepts rather than the force itself of our own existence. An intense and deep feeling for Art and the desire to restore the bridges that connect humanity to Nature have lead us towards a craft technique simple as well as innovative. A way to reconcile and reinstitute an identity with Nature, lost in our modern times. Each ila Tree is a unique piece, designed to enhance the beauty of Nature and of the surrounding environment. Man Flora Made

8 Seminatural: the Marriage of Beauty and Comfort Simple, Sustainable Technology Our unique and exclusive Trees and Vertical Gardens are made with 100% Natural Wood. Natural elements are selected, dried and treated following the highest standards and are subject to antiage, anti-parasitic treatments which allow our trees to maintain their natural, astonishing look for years. Against the Industrial Grain The trunks that we use in all our Seminatural Trees and Vertical Gardens are carefully and speci cally chosen from environmentally-friendly areas and especially from the clearing of zones about to be reforested. By restoring the trunks and saving them from destruction, ila creations inspire a new beginning. And they crucially do so by reducing e orts and wastages. ila Seminatural Trees and Vertical Gardens, in fact, do not need any watering system, any trimming, any fertilizers and do not require any maintenance at all, thus creatively combining comfort with the care of Nature.

9 True to Nature ila arti cial leaves – an ever-changing collection, constantly updated – are like nuances on a huge canvas on which our artists create their breathtaking compositions. Colours, shades, silhouettes, textures… the constant research leads us always to use the most innovative materials that prevent dust from settling on the surface, giving a natural shine that remains unaltered over time. Each ila leaf is designed and created with a painstaking attention to the slightest details in order to always be utterly faithful replicas of the chosen botanic variety. The deep love of Nature which prompts us to such a high level of research and attention to details nds its necessary completion in the perfect choice of foliage that can t and suit every speci c environment. Every ila Tree and Vertical Garden is always consistent with the natural ora and the design philosophy of the space in which it is located.

10 Proudly Made in Italy The tastes, smells, musics and sights of Italy provide the inspiration, the intense feel for beauty, the sensitive touch invoked by our creations, true to the authentic soul of Nature’s landscape. The craftsmanship with which we produce our Seminatural Plants is authentically Italian and all our Trees are hand-styled and crafted in Italy. An artistic equilibrium between the lushness of the forest (exempli ed, by the Jungle Concept Design) and the art of interior design is always perceivable in our creations. The balanced mix of natural and arti cial elements, the sensitive and delicate synthesis of colors and shapes to reach the exact emotion that every shade has the power to instill in the soul. ila Trees and Vertical Gardens restore the ancient harmony between Nature and Man.





15 The task of the larger leaves is to protect small leaves, the smaller leaves grow under the shelter of the larger leaves, plants needing more water grow near to those needing less water, those that need more light grow higher, protecting those that prefer the shade. During research into jungles and forests the desire to reproduce the miraculous perfection of Nature was born in us, decorating spaces with selected items that harmoniously complement each other. All ila creations are inspired by the Jungle Concept Design. Jungle Design concept

A world apart, also made of small creatures, mu ed sounds, overlaid smells, where giant multicolored butter ies imbibe essences invisible to our eyes, gaudy millepedes race each other through the foliage, gigantic owers create short lived micro environments, vines moss lianas and parasitic orchids vie for possession of the towering skyward reaching trunks symmetries unthinkable geometries of plant form. Lifeblood for creativity. Francis Mundackal Main Creative Designer & Co-Founder






23 Artists by Nature

Every foliage is chosen in accordance with the geographical context of the location, every trunk is speci cally designed to enhance the features of the environment and to perfectly t the atmosphere in which it is placed. Behind our green decorations lies an extensive and passionate research not only of the botanical features of the region, but also of the history of the location itself. Every ila creation tells the story of an encounter between the Timeful History of Humanity and the Timeless History of Nature.

25 Every ila Tree is made with natural trunks and carefully selected foliage, handmade by our highly quali ed craftsmen, handled with care till its nal destination. Every tree is customizable: type of trunk, foliage, height, diameter and much more can be tailored on our customers’ needs and tastes. The perfect balance, the instinctive equilibrium of wilderness and organized space is the golden standard which lies at the soul of our creations. Every ila product is studied in detail to ensure the highest level of aesthetic design, natural look and safety. The modern art of composition is complete with the ancient wisdom of Nature. Not Unique Special, Only






33 ila arti cial and Seminatural Vertical Gardens are a unique blend of faithful replicas of Nature and our craftsmen’s creativity. Created as a luxuriant work of design, they can t in the smallest spaces like o ces and houses, as well as in the huge walls of shopping malls, spas, airports, etc. Each of our still-lifes is speci cally designed to evoke di erent feelings in the viewer, thus harmonizing the indoor space with the surrounding walls in a perfect balance. Vertical by ila Gardens


37 Portraits of Nature ila Vertical Gardens are the perfect solution for saving space and feeling immersed in Nature. This new breakthrough in garden design provides a great opportunity to create a lighter and wider environment, while maintaining a powerful and sublime atmosphere. From the smallest bushes to recreate the e ect of nely crafted gardens, to large hangings which convey the breathtaking sensation of being completely immersed in Nature’s might. ila’s interpretation of Vertical Garden o ers unprecedented possibilities. Inspiring, revitalizing, anti-stress...the several positive vibes created by Nature’s green make Vertical Gardens suitable for o ces, restaurants, halls, spas, shopping malls, headquarters, private houses and much more. The intense beauty of our Vertical Gardens is matched by an extraordinary simplicity of use and installation. With ila’s choice for Green Walls, Nature is not stressed nor exploited with intensive growing, and not a single drop of water goes wasted.






43 Born in Nature Made in Italy

44 Vertical Garden Dancing Forest A Journey at the End of Ourselves To know what Nature really is, one must look into Her soul: into the darkness and light, into the core of the forest itself. The ila Vertical Garden research is expanded and enriched with Dancing Forest. 100 % Natural trunks and our collection of foliage convey bulkiness, substance and colour to the vertical composition. With Dancing Forest the room ceases to be a living space. It becomes a moment of bliss and meditation; relaxation and forgetfulness of Self.



47 ila’s mastery and skill in the production of our arti cial and Seminatural decorations is evident not only in their beauty but also in the highest degree of technology. Our research of the most advanced materials has led us to transfer our knowledge of green decorations to the outdoor environments. The leaves of our UVR line will maintain the same beauty for a long a time even if exposed to sunlight, rain and weather changes. We also o er the possibility to treat our bushes and leaves with special Fire Retardant treatments, available on all kinds of foliage, Trees and Vertical Gardens. Hi-Tech Green

50 i-TURF A Landmark in Arti¿cial Turf The style and elegance for which ila is renowned all over the world have found a new expression in i-TURF the new arti cial grass designed by ila. In addition to the extreme softness to the touch provided by the use of the most advanced materials, the exclusive composition of the arti cial blades naturally follows the position of the sun-rays, thus giving our unique arti cial grass a complete naturallooking appearance.





55 The unique feel perceivable in all ila creations is paralleled only by the high quality of the materials with which they are hand-crafted. The 100% Natural trunks and man-made foliage which distinguish ila’s works around the world are researched, designed and crafted not only to enhance their beauty but also for their durability. Our unique trunks undergo anti-parasitic and anti-age treatments and all our collections of foliages are produced with the highest- quality materials so as to allow our trees to maintain their astonishing, natural look for years! Everything in ila is studied to restore a moment of Nature and to extend a eeting instant into in nity. Created Timeless to be









64 Made in Italy original and exclusive design, iconic style and taste Natural Looking deep knowledge of nature means faithful replicas Handcrafted the best Italian craftsmen to create unique pieces of design Maintenance Free no need of watering or trimming and zero maintenance costs Turnkey Service from project to installation, ready to o er a complete service Top Quality working every day to meet the highest standards in the market Tailored customized creations to meet even the most demanding client Sustainable recycled materials, fair working conditions and sustainability in Italy and abroad High Technology hi-tech greeneries with anti-dust system

65 Art Nature if it does not come Nothing is from Antoni Gaudì

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